Retirement is a major life transition and without preparation it can be highly unsettling. To many people it suggests a time of loss: of status, relevance, vitality and income. But retirement can also be seen as a gift: a chance to shift gears, explore interests, start encore careers, or pursue adventures that have long been deferred. When you view the future as filled with promise and possibilities, and you design it on your own terms, the prospect of retirement can be exciting and revitalizing.

As an outside mentor and coach without a personal agenda other than to provide help and support, clients can talk with me about sensitive issues that are difficult for them to raise with colleagues in the firm. I provide guidance, tools and resources as they consider, explore and negotiate post-retirement options, contend with the emotional aspects of retirement, and embark on a future doing what they want and living in ways that will engage them, keep them stimulated and give their lives purpose.

I also help firms ensure that partner retirements are smooth, fair and dignified. By treating the retirement process with openness and respect, firms can prevent an enormous loss of leadership, business and goodwill when partners retire. My services facilitate succession planning, especially leadership and client transitions, by helping firms create policies and practices that serve the best interests of both retiring partners and the firms they leave.

The Retirement by Design E-Course

My best-selling book, Retirement by Design, has helped countless readers design active, joyful and meaningful lives in retirement. Now I’m delighted to offer a companion e-course based on the book: Retirement by Design E-Course.

The course uses a series of videos to introduce key points. At the end of each video, you’ll find sample exercises and references to chapters in the book, which you’ll receive when you register and where you can delve more deeply into the ideas presented. You can choose the areas you want to concentrate on, explore the areas that most interest you, and develop your plan at your own pace. Whether your retirement is years away, around the corner, or has already happened, this course will help you design a life in retirement that is as exciting and fulfilling as you want it to be.

If you would like to learn more about my e-course, register for it, or purchase a group package for your firm, use this link.

Retirement Videos for Lawyers and Firms

Got a minute? Let’s talk retirement.” is a video series that answers some of the commonly asked questions I receive from lawyers and law firms about retirement. You can watch all the videos on my YouTube channel, where you can subscribe to the series and receive notifications when I post new videos. You can also follow me on LinkedIn, where a video will be posted every week.


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